NOT HAPPY with the Top 10 Nomination List for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Best Actress:

Like I said, Aimee Chan should not be in the Best Actress list for her role in The Last Steep Ascent.  She wasn’t even a main lead—more like supporting. I really hate that TVB tries to create so much hype around her.  The fact that she’s dating Moses Chan is one of the main factors why.

Best Supporting Actor

How is Ben Wong not on the list for his role in Highs and Lows?!
I know my opinion is biased, but you can’t deny that he did a great job as Poon Sir.  Even if he doesn’t win the award again this year, he still should be nominated for his performance.  But like he said, if Best Actor/Actress can be repeated, then so should supporting roles.  Honestly don’t think Kenny Wong’s performance in The Last Steep Ascent would earn him a spot on the list.  Still in shock the Ben is not on the list! WTF TVB!
Edit: As much as I love Waiwai, probably can take him out to fit Ben in there! Didn’t think his role as Kwan Yi Gor stand out nearly as much compare to Poon Sir…. 

 Not a happy camper with this!

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