Favorite Female Character 2012: Kate Tsui
Thank you 
嘉穎 and杏兒 for presenting this award to me.  I’m so useless; sorry for tearing up.  The words “most favorite” to me has been very distant because since becoming an artiste, I’ve always feel like no one likes me; so I never thought people would like me.  I’m very thankful for the three/four thousand TVB workers that voted for me.  Oh right, when I passed by audio at first, they said that I have to thank them because the whole department voted for me.  I want to thank you Ms. Lok.  I don’t know how to say it, but I know you’ve helped me through a lot.  Thank you Tommy, 珍姐, my manager, my parents, my fans… I’m scared I won’t have another chance to say it.  Thank you so much.

Personal thoughts: [#tvb45thoughts]
The emotional speeches are always the best.  I teared up here as well.
Guilty as charged.  Honestly, I didn’t start “liking” her until last year.  I think her role in Moonlight Resonance and The Beauty of the Game ruined it for me because she had such bratty annoying roles.  Also, her face “looks” like the mean-girl-I’m-better-than-you type, and having not seen any interviews or articles that showcases her real life personality, I just assumed she was just like Ka-Mei from MR. 
Her role as Pat was definitely one of my favorite female roles this year.  It was truly a stand out role.  I’m very glad that even though she portrayed the controversial “drug queen”, she gained a lot of new fans and the audience’s acceptance.  While I am pretty sure she’s kinda upset for not winning Best Actress, I know she’s super thankful and happy for all the support, old and new, from her fans.  Keeping doing what you do Kate; keep up the good work.  Best Actress is just around the corner for years to come :)  

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    TBH I used to really dislike Kate, but her acting has improved a lot over the years. Still wouldn’t call myself a fan...
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    Awhhhh :’) This makes me wanna tear up. what are u talking about girl? ur awesome.
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